Home of Great Coffee and Scones

Upcoming Closures: Friday, Sept. 20 & Friday, Sept 27


Who are We?

We refurbished a 1964 Airstream Tradewind to serve you great coffee, and a touch of nostalgia. You can visit our Instagram or Facebook pages to find us. Most weekdays, we'll be in the Uptown area near Nusenda Credit Union.

Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 7 am – 1:30 pm.
Look for new locations coming in the Fall.

Check our social media pages for updates!


Why? (or why not?)

After working for more than 25 years in the advertising business, a change was needed. So after some inspiration from family and friends, we started the process... in 2016. We combined a passion for good coffee, a desire to serve others and provide an excellent product at a decent price, an appreciation for old trailers, and we arrived at Stan's Coffee & Scones.


our mission

Great coffee that doesn't cost You a day's wage


We serve traditional coffee and espresso in proportions that let you enjoy great coffee flavor, not hiding it with a lot of sugar and cream.